the time-space continuum of my brain

the time-space continuum of my brain

this is a wierd lil blog filled with my strange opinions, rants and thoughts. it's basically a giant shitpost.

17-05-16: my new obsession!

so i, last week, went to the cinema and saw captain america: civil war.

19-01-16: why the hell does this exist?

i honestly have no idea why anyone would want to read anything i write, but here's the innermost workings of my brain, out in the open. as you might know if you read the

  • abt me
  • page, my name is Lara, and i'm a MASSIVE fangirl. here's a pretty comprehensive list of my fandoms (in no particular order), just in case any of you wanted to know just how much of a nerd i am.

    1) Sherlock/Dr. Who (WHOLOCK!!!)

    2) The Mortal Instruments

    3) My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, basically bandom shit

    4) Harry Potter

    5) Percy Jackson

    6) Rainbow Rowell EVERYTHING

    7) Star Wars (except the prequels, duh)

    8) Some Animes/Mangas

    9) Captain America/ Anything Marvel

    Loads more that i can't be arsed to write right now

    can't actually be bothered to write anything else today, check back for more updates soon