this is my minecraft page. on this page im going to show you my favourite things about minecraft and hopefully explain a few things too!

my favourite mobs are:

1) the ender dragon

2) ghasts

3) blazes

4) endermen and

5) slimes

cool minecraft facts!

1) the audio for endermen in minecraft is actually people talking, the noises are just distorted and played backwards!

2) minecraft's creator, notch, almost called it cavegame!

3) if fire kills an animal, the resulting drop of meat will be cooked!


a skin is like an outfit that you can dress yourself in on minecraft! there are two default skins, steve and alex. steve has pale brown skin and short dark brown hair. he wears a blue t-shirt and royal blue trousers. alex has long ginger hair and pale skin. she wears a light green tunic top and brown trousers. any minecraft user can create their own, unique skin! a large collection of downloadable skins can be found at... THE SKINDEX

my best minecraft image

i love ghasts, and i love the nether, so naturally this is my favourite minecraft photo!

cool minecraft videos!

im pretty sure these are all in my "most watched" on youtube!


a big part of minecraft is (the clue's in the name...) MINING! you can go into caves and spooky abandoned minshafts to search for rare ores that can be used to create different things within the game! below is a diagram of the different ores and what happens when you do different things to them

many people think that the rarest ore is diamond, but it's actually emerald! that is why, if you go to a village and try to trade with a villager, they will trade almost anything for emeralds!

pickaxes and mining

different levels of pickaxes can mine different things. for instance:

wooden pickaxe: can mine stone and coal

stone pickaxe: can mine stone, coal and iron

iron pickaxe:can mine stone, coal, iron, redstone, lapis lazuli and diamonds

diamond pickaxe: can mine stone, coal, iron, redstone, lapis lazuli, diamonds, emeralds and obsisian


one of the hardest things in minecraft is figuring out recipies for crafting, and i have a solition! just visit this handy CRAFTING WEBSITE , which will tell you how to create EVERY SINGLE ITEM, and is always up-to-date with new updates!

my minecraft house

this is my house on minecraft! it might look a bit bare and empty, but that's because during the day i go out mining and finding food, and just use my house as a kind of base for recharging, and during the night i craft and smelt various things that i've found throughout the day. sometimes, i'll hunt mobs during the night, as a few of them have rare resources that i can use for crafting!

/house1.png /house2.png /house3.png

my ideal hunting trip- what to bring and top tips

what you should bring: an iron or stone sword- only bring a diamond sword if you are almost certain you will not lose it, or if you're going to the end or the nether.

what to wear: i would suggest, if you are mob hunting, iron, chainmail or diamond armor. if you are hunting for food during the day, you shoud probably wear a bit of light armor, such as leather.

should you bring anything else?: on my hunting trips i normally bring some food so that i can regen if i get injured, but i try to bring as little as possible because if you die, you don't want to lose everything!

hosestly, the rules on what to wear and bring also apply to mining trips, only you should bring pickaxes as well as swords!

well that's goodbye from me! i hope you enjoyed looking at my minecraft page, and happy mining!